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Sewing crazy pony dolls!

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This super-cuddly Rarity doll comes with her own handmade fuzzy bathrobe and slippers! The entire outfit is removable, so Rarity can be her usual glamorous self or lounge around the house in comfort. I had picked up some of that insanely fuzzy white material out of the remnant bin at my local fabric store (If you’re in Orange County, go to M & L Fabric in Anaheim, it is the BEST). A friend sent me a batch of fabric, including that gorgeous quilted purple velvet, and I just KNEW what it had to become!

Rarity is up for sale on my Etsy! 

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A word about Pinkie Pie

Here’s the thing. In “Filli Vanilli,” Pinkie Pie sounded just like every extrovert who has encouraged me to “come out of my shell.” Granted, an over-the-top version of those people, but essentially the same. Pinkie’s crazy talk would have worked on Pinkie herself. It’s not that she was being mean to Fluttershy, she just doesn’t get it. This is a very, very common communication problem between introverts and extroverts, especially performance-oriented extroverts. 

It’s not that Fluttershy has a problem with performing: she clearly loves it. She has a problem with being seen while performing. And in the end, her friends accept that. She doesn’t have to become Pinkie Pie to be ok. She doesn’t have to perform in front of big crowds. She’s taking those “baby steps” because she loves to sing, not because she’s suddenly ok with being watched. 

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I had some of this plain grey plush for another commission, and decided to use the spare fabric to make a Derpy. While I’m very pleased with how she turned out, I have no intentions of giving up my beloved prints, patterns, and textures. Sewing a plain plush wasn’t a problem, but it didn’t feel as creative as trying to match different prints, or play with textures. 

But, prints or no, isn’t she just adorable?? And she needs a home! 

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Coco Pommel is here, after several requests, and she’s up for sale on eBay! She’s made from a gorgeous, soft plush fabric with a slight swirl pattern, and her outfit is my usual mish-mash of scraps pulled from my own collection. Her eyes and cutie mark are hand-painted and appliqued on. She’s fabulous and ready to cuddle! 

Bid on her here

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Theory about season 4

I had a bit of a revelation today while watching the (AMAZING) new episode. 

So far, we’ve seen three items that did the rainbow shimmer thing, which we pretty much all assume means they are (or are related to) the six keys for the mysterious box in the first episode. 

Those items are Rarity’s rainbow thread, Rainbow Dash’s lead pony badge, and Pinkie’s rubber chicken. For awhile, I couldn’t see the link. Then it hit me. 

Each of those items was given to a pony after she inspired someone else. Rarity’s thread was a gift from Coco Pommel, after she saw how generous Rarity was. Rainbow’s badge was a gift from Spitfire, after she saw how loyal Rainbow was. And Boneless was a gift from Cheese Sandwich, who had been inspired by Pinkie’s ability to make others laugh. 

This also ties back to the first episodes of the season, when the Mane 6 have to give their elements back to the Tree of Harmony. 

Here’s why I think this is brilliant: it’s not about self-discovery any more. 

For the first three seasons, the main themes of the show were friendship, and being yourself. But that’s not quite enough, is it? It doesn’t go far enough. If you’re true to yourself, and show virtues like generosity, loyalty, friendship, you will inspire others. It’s not enough just for your group of friends to become better people, it has to spread out to those you meet. 

And MLP:FiM is doing just that. 

(I make no claim that this is actually what the writers are doing with the season, but if they are, it’s freaking amazing.)

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